We analyze the situation and select the most appropriate solutions, taking into account the available tools. Manufacturers and suppliers of products can always count on mutual understanding from the fund and retail chains. Our clients have the opportunity 24/7 on-line and off-line to receive information about the work on their projects.


The Producer Support Fund uses an individual approach to the needs of each client. The main project of the fund is the promotion of the products of the Russian manufacturer in federal and regional retail chains. We are constantly working with manufacturers and representatives of retail chains. It is the tasks of your company that determine the direction in the promotion of goods. You should not be limited only to the domestic market of your region. We are expanding the boundaries of helping to promote your products to the countries of near and far abroad. The partnership of our foundation with international trading platforms helps to make your products popular all over the world! When it is morning in Moscow in China, the work to promote your products is carried out continuously!

More than 700 completed projects

Together we reach the goal!

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The Producers on the Shelf Support Fund has helped to implement a huge number of projects for manufacturers and suppliers of various categories of goods in Russia and the CIS. Working closely with retail chains in Russia and world sales markets, we have been holding leading positions in this area for several years. We are interested in the development of the Russian economy, therefore, as before, we aim to help any manufacturer of products to solve his problems.

Together we reach the goal!

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