The Producers Support Fund "Tovar na Shelf" is a team of professionals in the field of effective sales, promotion, consulting, business process automation of your production, marketing and distribution.

The founders and founders of the Tovar na Shelf fund have vast experience in working with retail chains in Russia, Europe and Asia. Successfully built relationships with retailers and global sales markets are our competitive advantage. We are practitioners and understand exactly what your business needs.

The main directions for foreign sales markets:

Japan, Singapore, South Korea, China, Vietnam, India, Uzbekistan.

Together we reach the goal!


The Producers Support Fund "Tovar na Shelf" works directly in the sphere of interaction "producer-trade network". Over 300 signed contracts with retail chains. Friendly relations with federal and regional trade networks gives us the opportunity to help and develop a Russian manufacturer of goods. FPP "Tovar na Polke" cooperated and helped implement projects for the largest coffee producers, dairy factories, distilleries , mineral water factories, producers of vegetables and fruits, canned food and many others.

The Fund actively interacts with the local branch of the United Russia Party of the Vykhino-Zhulebino district of the SEAD of Moscow in the framework of the implementation of key urban projects, takes an active part in the life of the district and the city, and is also the general partner of the Heart of the Motherland charity fund to help children


ФПП Товар на полке вход в торговые сети
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Login to trade networks

- promotion of food and non-food products on shelves in retail chains in Russia, Europe and Asia

- preparation of a selling commercial offer

- dialogue with representatives of chains on the introduction of goods on retail shelves

- discussion of the assortment and participation in retail promotions

- development and coordination of pricing policy

- increase in sales

- expansion of the existing matrix of goods

- access to retail chains, help and support

- assistance in the preparation of documents for signing a direct contract with a retail chain

- training of personnel of manufacturers and suppliers

ФПП Товар на полке контракт с торговыми сетями
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Turnkey business

- automation of business processes of your production or company

- development of branding and product packaging, advertising material, branding

- support in obtaining certification and technical specifications

- marketing and PR - products promoted and supported by us - social networks, magazines, television, radio, opinion leaders

ФПП Товар на полке выход в торговые сети и сопровождение
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Entering world markets

- provision of a range of services in support of foreign economic activity

- preparation and conclusion of foreign trade transactions

- preparation of a commercial proposal and presentation

- negotiations with key employees of the networks

- signing and support of foreign economic contracts

- export of goods from the supplier's warehouse to the shelves of retail chains

- training of manufacturers' personnel to work on world markets

- access to world trade networks, assistance and support

ФПП Товар на полке помощь в заключении контракта с торговыми сетями
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Consulting and legal services

- assistance and support of manufacturers and suppliers

- solution of controversial legal issues

- conclusion and support of contracts

- arbitration

- pre-trial disputes

- work with objections

- legal and legal support 24/7